From the recording RISE

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Lead vocals: Emmeline
Background vocals: Emmeline, Joe Phillips
Ukulele: Emmeline
Piano/Keyboards: Emmeline
Bass: Graham Mercer, Joe Phillips
Dulcimer: Emmeline
Drums: Joe Phillips, Zach Samuell
Guitar: Taylor Tatsch


Every angle has an edge, and there’s an end to every story
Every train must bear a load; every star’s bound to explode
And in every layman’s life, death is more imminent than glory

When I was six I learned to sew, stitching buttons to some clothes
Look for the hole, lead with the thread, and dive
And then when the buttons crack, we’ve got the super glue for that
Look for the break, lead with the tube, and hold tight

Every heart is full of blood, and every flame leaves something burning
Every rose obscures a thorn, every pearl is weather worn
And although the sea is peaceful, every tide is meant for turning

I braved the waters on my own with a life preserver float
Look for the hole, lead with the hands, and hold tight
And then when the waves rolled in, I had the confidence to swim
Look for the break, lead with the hands, and dive

And so it stands to reason that there’s nothing one can’t weather
If you’ve got the strength to hold the thing together
Squeeze those knuckles white, wield your fists like knives
‘Cause when a thing is right, you’ve gotta
You’ve gotta fight for it

And so when we lay in bed, I’ll press my pieces to your chest
Look for the holes, meet skin with skin, and fold
And when the silence and the dark threaten to rip us both apart
Look for the break, lead with the hands, and hope
Look for the blood, lead with the heart, and hope

‘Cause when you’ve spent your whole life learning how to hold a thing together
You don’t know how to let go