1. Not That Girl

From the recording Early Morning Hours

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Piano: Emmeline
Vocals: Emmeline
Bass: Emmeline
Drums: Guy Cramer
Trumpets: Brittany Hendricks


The candlesticks are burning low now
The walls are weighted down with flowers
I watch her shake the hands of 300 happy people
And her dress gets whiter by the hour

You stand beside her like a shadow
And you echo her smile when her teeth start showing through
Your hand rests gently on the small of her back
But you hold my gaze across the room

And something is wrong with this picture
Yeah, something has been wrong for awhile
But then you reach your hand out towards me
And you smile
Yeah, you smile

Well, I could take this one step further
Tug your lip between my teeth
Tongue the soft spot on your neck behind your ear
As you suck me
Into all your empty spaces
Where I fit so well before
I could take her place in an instant
But I'm not that girl

You've been married for awhile now
Ten years, eight months, three weeks, two days
And each morning, she tucks two kids into her suburban
Oh, she's got another on the way

You wait until she round the corner
Before your fingers find a phone
You ask me what I've got planned for the weekend
You ask if we could spend some time alone

Well, I could make good on your offer
Meet you in a posh hotel
Rake my teeth along your shoulder blades
And send us straight to hell
I could fill those empty spaces
Like I've filled them all before
I could take her place in an instant
But I'm not that girl

I've never been a graceful human being
I walk into walls and trip through doors
But this is one tumble I won't be taking
We Christians, we all have our cross to bear
And she's yours
Yeah, she's yours

I guess I could relieve your burden
For a night or two each week
Watch you scream out for redemption
As you shudder for release
Commandeer your empty spaces
With my pretty sweat-soaked curls
I could take her place in an instant
But I'm not that girl